Here is an attempt at a historic costume, re-imagined in scale for a 80 cm Ball-Jointed Doll. The character is a 7th Century Angle nobleman.
Yaret Fairfax Yaret Fairfax Yaret Fairfax Yaret Fairfax
The tunic is a simple one-piece T-pattern, with brocade trim on the hem, neckline and cuffs, fastened at the neck and wrists with glass buttons. Pashmina scarves were used for the tunic and the cloak, because the fabric had a subtle, somewhat traditional-looking paisley design.

The cloak is a rectangular piece of brown fabric, trimmed with a contrasted red ribbon. It is fastened with a pennanular brooch, made out of two pieces of wire and some metal beads, Celtic/Viking style.

The trousers are sewn out of fine suede, with some decorative stitching; the gartered hosa - the same leather as the ankle-high shoes. The turnshoe pattern is from the website of Regia Anglorum, the Basic Clothing Guide section, which was a major source of reference for this project.
The wide leather corset is purely for decorative purposes, there is no evidence that period costume included such element. The baldric and belt are more realistic; there is a belt pouch on the right and the seax scabbard to the center; the scabbard is trimmed with burnished metal along the top edge.
This whole project was inspired by the historic novels of Octavia Randolph,
and became possible because of the incredible wealth of information that she so generously shares in the pages of her website.



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